There’s nothing more frustrating than trying to use the decrepit airport WiFi during long layovers, or trying to pull up your flight info while scrambling in-between flights and the connection crawls to a halt, or drops every couple of seconds. Luckily for all travelers, free high speed wifi is becoming more of a common sight among the worlds largest flight hubs, and smaller airports are beginning to follow the trend as well. If you’ve got a long-distance vacation coming up and multiple-stops are necessary, you may want to reroute some of your layovers to one of the 10 airports below for maximum efficiency in-between flights.

In a recently contacted survey Chattanooga Metropolitan Airport was found to offer the fastest airport WiFi service in North America, the Dublin Airport was well ahead of all others in Europe providing unlimited free Wi-Fi since September 2012 with the Bangkok Suvarnabhumi Airport emerging as the overall leader with the fastest speed worldwide.

The survey, conducted by users of the Rotten WiFi app and website who evaluated the quality and speed of available WiFi services in more than 130 airports over 53 countries.

The top 10 list of the fastest Airport WiFi service available worldwide.

 1. Suvarnabhumi Airport (BKK)/Thailand – 41.45

2. Chattanooga Metropolitan Airport (CHA)/TN,USA – 30.98

3. Dublin Airport (DUB)/Ireland – 19.45

4. Vilnius International Airport (VNO)/Lithuania – 18.04

5. Helsinki Airport (HEL)/Finland – 17.46

6. JL Airport Ngurah Rai/ Indonesia – 16.01

7. Kaohsiung International Airport (KHH/RCKH)/Taiwan – 15.55

8. Stockholm Arlanda Airport (ARN)/Sweden – 15.48

9. Houston George Bush Intercontinental Airport – 15.28

10. Frankfurt Airport (FRA)/Germany – 14.47

 *Download speeds in Mbps