I cannot overemphasize how important it is not to over-pack when traveling especially when traveling by air.

For those of us old enough to remember the so called “golden days” of travel, preparing for a trip was a very tedious and time consuming procedure; when it came to packing more was better. The rule was two large size bags per person or even more depending on the length of the trip.
We practically carried with us a good portion of our wardrobe and more; we wanted to make sure we would not miss anything while away. I personally know of a coffee lover who would even include his percolator in his luggage.

How things have changed. Today a small piece of luggage is the norm with the more seasoned travelers limiting this to 10-12 kilos of carry-on luggage contents per person for a five to ten day trip.
This eliminates lost, delayed or damaged luggage, contributes to your mobility and saves you money and time. Actually while you will be well on your way to your hotel or cruise ship others will be waiting at the airport by the baggage carousel for their luggage to appear; that is if it made the flight.

Another benefit of traveling light with a carry-on bag is the ability to change your connecting flight if an earlier one is available, something that would have been impossible if you had checked your bags.

It takes a lot of discipline to limit your personal effects to ten kilos but just like everything else it takes practice.
If you are like most travelers you over pack, filling your suitcase with articles you use very little or even not at all.

Just think when emptying your bag after your last trip; how many items were not used or used very little during the trip. These definitely include clothing, shoes, belts plus other items like binoculars, flashlights, snorkels etc. Make a “not to bring” list and include these items.

Next time you pack your bag refer to your “not to bring” list and you bag will be that much lighter. By trip number five or six you’re only packing the essentials that by now – surprise, surprise – fit in a 10 kilo bag.
At this point you can call yourself a seasoned traveler and a smart traveler.

Good travels everyone!