As we approach the peak travel season I need to remind all travelers to include the purchase of travel insurance when budgeting for their trip.

Don’t let the extra cost deter you from purchasing travel insurance — the peace of mind it buys is worth every penny. A small accident or illness in a foreign country can cost tens or even hundreds of thousand dollars. Don’t allow events outside of your control turn your dream vacation into a nightmare.

Travel experts have found that many recent global events have affected how travelers view insurance. For many travelers, insurance used to be a “nice to have” but not an essential, however that attitude has changed drastically in the recent years.

There are several types of travel insurance coverage available: trip cancellation/interruption, medical, evacuation, baggage and flight insurance. Consider your trip, yourself and other timely factors when determining what kind of and how much coverage is right for you and keep in mind that most major travel insurance companies offer a comprehensive package that includes all types of coverage. Discuss your needs with your travel consultant who is in the best position to suggest the best package for your needs.

And finally, if you depend on credit card travel insurance coverage make sure your credit card issuer provides the coverage you need as often this coverage is either nonexistent, conditional or very limited.

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