Rich in culture and beauty, Thailand is an incredible, exotic and safe destination. Ancient temples, delicious cuisine, breathtaking nature, and friendly smiles welcome the cultural explorer.
The predominately Buddhist country has many diverse areas to explore but Central Thailand is the perfect starting point for the eager tourist.

Bangkok, Thailand’s multicultural capital, is the heart of Country and known as one of the most traveller friendly cities in South East Asia. The modern but historical city awakens all senses with sights of orange robed monks walking the streets, scents of food stalls cooking up popular Thai dishes, and sounds of vendors calling out to sell their exotic fruits and flowers. Days are spent discovering the colourful markets, ancient ornate temples and palaces, and vibrant nightlife.

Kanchanaburi, rich in natural resources and with a renowned historical past, is a popular area in central Thailand for travelers. The Bridge over the River Kwai and The War Museum are well known attractions reminding visitors the remnants of Word War ll. Nature lovers have an abundance of natural resources to explore and enjoy from breathtaking waterfalls, outstanding national parks, and mystical caves. A visit to an elephant sanctuary is an absolute must to be added to the days of excursions.

Ayuthaya was once known as the wealthiest city in the world before its empire fell in 1767. The largely once abandoned city underwent major restoration in 1969. Today it is an Unesco World Heritage site. Exploring sites and taking in the peacefulness of everyday life by bicycle is a popular mode of transportation for visitors. The magnificent temples, life size Buddha statues and impressive murals draw in the visitors remembering the stories of kingdom riches.

Accommodations throughout Thailand vary from simple guest houses to luxurious resorts to fit any budget and comfort level. Transportation is easily accessible from modern taxis to thrilling rides in TukTuks. The cuisine in Thailand has been revered from top chefs and foodies alike so hunger is not an option.

A trip to Thailand can be an experience of a lifetime leaving you with unforgettable travel memories. If you are planning to make Thailand your next vacation contact one our travel specialists at Grand Escapades to help you plan the trip of your dreams; we’ve been there and we know Thailand!